I'm Glad I Went To The Airport Last Night

It started out when Naem told Mikey that he had a flight to catch at "10 lebey". Well at first everyone was still "lepaking" at a Tom Yam restaurant where Afif and Bull had fallen for the young Kelantanese (might be Siamese as well) waitress.."Kenduri !!!", said them in loud :P, after an evening of joyful "game" (ask Afif if you guys want to know in details) at the beach with Afif, Bull, Fem, Syabil, Cheng and Naem until it was like 9.15 pm, everybody started to "gelabah". Well, a normal gelabah should take just less than a minutes but their gelabah is more than that..30 minutes, Mikey is guessing..plus with Sahaj who is a Hungarian had turned into Malay, even worst he guess hadn't showed up himself.

"Naem, hurry up la..this is Penang not KL you bloody cockfest lover", you can't predict when will the traffic is going to jam. The traffic is like Boys Like Boys Like Afif band; unpredictable. They go jamming when they feel like want to.. :P

To make it short at last Naem realized that he is way too late for his flight and got into Mikey's ride. The ride took off at 160km/h, busting all the red light,

"Fuyoo, cool!!!, it sounded like a jet", Naem Azeus.

but still it has to stop at Petronas because Stylo Crew is incomplete without Azeem..(haha).

Arriving at the airport, Mikey let Naem off to check in for his flight while he try to find a parking. Suddenly he then realized, he was told before that Luna's flight was also at the same time, he tried to call her, but never reached. A little bit of disappointment there.. :'(

Naem was lucky that he still be accepted on board, and lucky again that Mikey found his belonging in his ride, Twice Luck. Entering the airport, he heard a voice, very soft, very sweet and very seductive directing him straight to the toilet..Yuck, why it has to be the toilet :'( .. Nevermind about the toilet, its the person that matter, hee :P .. It was Luna and Mikey's day is complete. Thrice Luck !!!.

"I'm Glad I Went To The Airport!!!".."The longest, tremendous, sweetest, greatest 10 minutes escape in my life"..Mikey

Holiday !!!....I Need To Take A Holiday !!!!

When Mikey dream, he see dawn turn into dusk. Oh well, he is not hoping for good result in this semester exam anyway. The absence of his tears is his sobriety. He has a growing fear and YOU are not helping him. There is a problem here with KMB society, YOU has probably overestimate or perhaps YOU intentionally wants to torture the society themselves with tonnes of works whereas the exam is coming. Is he the only one who realizes it is true??

Beat it!!!

But he is not broken, its over anyway..after all he is a Mr. Brightside.

It's Holiday Now..Enjoy It While You Still Can.. :)

Things to do while IB is still resting..(excluding IB stuff, I can't believe that I have to write this line)

  • Hangout with Yuyun..(she miss me a lot)
  • Tia's birthday is just around the corner
  • Izzat and Jerry is coming to my house
  • Attend Lilee's sister's wedding
  • Buy new suit for the wedding
  • Buy new futsal shoes..(Ezzad if you read this, I still can't find Gato shoes, only T-series available, emo)
  • Register membership with Fitness Studio..(need to build my abs like Taylor Lautner)
  • Go jogging at the park every morning and evening

Theory of a Deadman 1

Theory of Name..

√ mention a name or nickname of a person more than 3 times before going out off the 'igloo of boredom', thou shall meet with the person and accidentally say Hi Sasquatch

√ mention a name or nickname of a person while thou art eating, thee shall appear in front of you and say KEmax Lu !!!!!

√ If there art two person walking pass thou, say hi to one of the person and the other would ask the one person Who was that??..Owh its _________


this theory is proposed based on what happen to ezzad azman

Introduction to the Theory of a Deadman

This is the first ever issue of Theory of a Deadman. It's a theory proposed by daily single event which are classified to be scientifically proven accidentally apparently and deadly by the Deadman Force of Nature since the Nordic times.

Anyhow..its just a theory so who cares right???


♪♪ Yesterday,
All my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh, i believe in yesterday....♪♪

Yesterday, Mikey have..

√ submitted his Economics IA
√ finished his World Literature 2nd draft

Ironic isn't it??..having only 2 major work finished while tonnes of other stuff remain undone..the troubles seemed so far away


Internationally Bullshit..


Mikey love..

Red Hair Women..

p/s : mikey once dream of turning his hair red...due to hailey william fettish

I Heard Someone Called My Name !!!!

Its been a long long time Mikey hasn't been jumping in his page..
Well he did been jumping elsewhere..

IA Maths..
IA Econs..
EE English..

These are the jump factor.. + 5 minute oral..
Its just him and his classmate 'must'

Teacher : Izwan why are you not been seing me for long time, I want to know your EE progress
Mikey : (smiling..well he also do) Hee..sorry teacher, you know KMBians are busy with maths IA..well I'm a KMBian..(again smiling)
Teacher : Yea..I know..so when are you going to see me
Mikey : What about after class??..I want to do my 5 minute oral too
Teacher : Yeah..sure

After Class, to be exact when EE consultation and the oral stuff done..

Teacher : Mind doing me a favour??
Mikey : No
Teacher : Could you please help me with those boxes, I only got 2 hand
Mikey : Sure

(Out of sudden, he saw something)

Mikey : Are these cookies yours??, because my friend told me there is Miss Asyikin selling cookies..delicious one
Teacher : Yeah, that's me, hey wait a minute who's your friend??..I never sold any cookie to my student


Mikey : Err..__________(dialogue have to be censored)

Someone: I heard someone called my name !!!!

Semangat AYAM..Bodoh !!

Future Kolej MARA BAnting

"welcome to future Kolej MARA Banting, J@#% $?@(&^%"
"Sape-sape yang dapat KMB jom ar join! boleh kenal-kenal"

Due to hardcore boredom of no-idea-what-to-do-for-tonite (like children of BODOM) Mikey decided to entered the other world; the world where all of the people in there don't walk but surf instead-The Maya. Though, he still find himself drowning in the boredom of Maya. Suddenly, come a surfer WFook buzzing him with irritating noise of smiley messenger. Luckily he brought the light of joy for the nite - the future, Future of Kolej MARA Banting. 

Weyh ko nk tgk forum bdk2 semangat??

"Bdk mne?? Bley gak"

Bdk2 bakal msk kmb
Ko follow link ni
Jgn lupe fire dorg k

"Baik akn kutunaikn hajat ko..haha "

So Mikey surf into the site and became one of them - The Future KMBians, though he's already a KMBian. His eyes stop for a glare at a thread; HEY Future KMBians!!! how about a gathering b4 check in KMB. Deep down in his folded cerebrum o perhaps cereblum ( FYI MIkey hate biology so much ), his neuron transmitted nerve,trigger him to fire the thread just as what have been told by the light of joy. 

*Ok if you are Izwan Sanusi and you saw a bunch of people which are so 'Semangat Ayam' to enter KMB, what would you do?
*ANS: You have to, must to, compulsory to fire them for being such a damned people in this harmony community so that they            would be a better blood of nation. ( in other words jangan la jd skema ak amat tak suke )

Mikey wrote to the thread:
"korg xyah ar semangat sgt..msk KMB je pn dh ar xkonfem fly"
and he know that post would surely bring them back to path of truth and lead them away from the SKEMANESS

FCUK Future KMBians
FCUK Future KMBians
FCUK Future KMBians

History Of Mikey's Tangling

Once upon a time, there was a so called lil baby name Mikey whom before this known for his allergy to blogging and bloggers ; the main reason for it - " I don't have much time for this crapping stuff  ". The post-so-called-it's-important-for-your-placement exam stress has turned his enthusiast on this ; a friend of him suddenly called,

Hello bro aku rindu bangat sama kau..bile cuti ?

"Aku baru je abes exam harini, harini la start cuti"

Pergh, smart ar..so how was exam ?

"Agak smart ar ko tunggu je la 'result gempak' aku keluar nanti"

Haha, ko sure bley buat nyer, ko gempak kot

"Hotak ko, smart shikot ar"

Chill2, jangan ar emo2

"Emo dow, aku sekarang dah layan emo dah..nak cuba beralih karier plak..heh"

Haha tu lah kau aku ajak isap rokok tak mau..bley hilang stress kot bende ni

"Banyak lah ko..makin sengsare ade ar, dah ar mahal..aku tak sekaye ko kot"

Hmm,,watsoevaq(watsoever in penang accent)..ntah ar ni awek aku yang cakap blogging besh,bley reduce stress..cube ko try

"Tgk dulu ar, ko dah try ?"

Aku dah ade rokok kot watpe nak try

"Haha lawak2"

and so the conversation end. Next, the reading of ANIMAL PORN XXX BARELY 18, TOOLING WORDS and AKU CUTI 3 MINGGU catalyst the metamorphosis of Mikey into a BLOGGER, a TANGLER.