Theory of a Deadman 1

Theory of Name..

√ mention a name or nickname of a person more than 3 times before going out off the 'igloo of boredom', thou shall meet with the person and accidentally say Hi Sasquatch

√ mention a name or nickname of a person while thou art eating, thee shall appear in front of you and say KEmax Lu !!!!!

√ If there art two person walking pass thou, say hi to one of the person and the other would ask the one person Who was that??..Owh its _________


this theory is proposed based on what happen to ezzad azman

Introduction to the Theory of a Deadman

This is the first ever issue of Theory of a Deadman. It's a theory proposed by daily single event which are classified to be scientifically proven accidentally apparently and deadly by the Deadman Force of Nature since the Nordic times.

Anyhow..its just a theory so who cares right???


♪♪ Yesterday,
All my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh, i believe in yesterday....♪♪

Yesterday, Mikey have..

√ submitted his Economics IA
√ finished his World Literature 2nd draft

Ironic isn't it??..having only 2 major work finished while tonnes of other stuff remain undone..the troubles seemed so far away


Internationally Bullshit..