I'm Feeling You

"Sometimes I imagine the world without you but most time I'm so happy that I'm stuck here with you. It's a complicated web that you weave inside my head. So much pleasure with such a pain."


Oh Michelle Branch, thanks so much for untangling a bit of Mikey. but why her??.. Hmm a thing to ponder. ever since the last week of exam, this song keep on playing on his head, even while he was answering Economics SL paper. Well, enough on exam, IB closing the curtain already people. Go get a life. He miss his car, fast-and-never-lagging streamyx and Izzat Malek. Oh yeah, Mikey do need a new pair of running shoes. The one with Nike+. Anyone willing to support??..(hope daddy see this) :P

Anyway, he just got back home, and yeah there's always some change to the environment. First and foremost, NEW CAR :) Loving it. But there's always the sad thing that would spoil the moment.. mom had him cut his hair..haih..its tomorrow and a must..so lets just see his new look

"I'm riding the highs I'm digging the lows, cuz at least I feel alive I never faced so many emotional days, but my life is good I'm feeling you...I'm feeling you"

owh almost forgot, he now have a crush on Malese Jow (its a google world now..google it if you have no idea who she is)