Lady With The Red Stratocaster

It's already 4 days left after BTN and there are no productivity for Mikey. Ok, so today is his mother's birthday. He did wished her happy birthday right at 12 o'clock. Her biggest present ever; her little 6 years old grandchild pay a visit and wish to stay for few days. Well, she is standing next to Mikey while he was writing this post, playing his iphone; Sally's spa game, her favourite and only know-how-to-play game :) . She's begging hard, with her "puppy eyes and 'please please please with cherry on top'" look. I already fall for her this morning, should I fall again??

(There was one quote, ok emo quote I used to say frequently, "I rise to fall again", well it really applicable in my life)

Remembering one boring day, he went to watch a live band performance in Hard Rock Cafe, surprisingly he saw a girl, wearing leather suit, black Baby-G watch and most importantly playing red stratocaster. Ok that's what he call HOT. He did felt like a loser for not doing anything.

Hope to see you again Lady With The Red Stratocaster