18 Days

Its been 18 days
Since I'd look at myself
I don't want to have to change
If I don't then no one will
Is it my state of mind
Or is it just everything else
I don't want to have to be here
I don't understand it now

Cause its been 18 days

Since I first let you
But to me it feels just like,
It feels like a lifetime
I'm trying hard to re-arrange
Some say its the hardest thing to do
But that's another 18 days
Without you..

Time after time

I've been through this
You show me what it means to live
You give me hope when I was hopeless
As my days fade to night
I remember that state of mind
I'm soaring straight into your heart
And I'll fly high

I didn't cry the day she moved away
Didn't think that I would feel this pain
Until I saw the stranger that was you
Can you see the girl you used to be?
The one I lost when I let go of you

I need to wake up from this state of mind
I got to get your memory out of my head

Because its been too many days
But that's just too many days without you